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This is a super link swap system. You can swap links with up to 100 sites in one go. Basically you will get a link on all the PseudoTUBE sites that exist. We think this could be the best value link swap you will do this year.

The swap is automatic, as soon as you send a visitor to one of the sites you will be listed on that site. The more people who click your link to one of the sites the higher in the list you will be. So basically, if you want to be at the top of the list then make sure you add the return links on a busy page. See the table below for more ideas on where to place your link back.

Step 1: Add a link to all our sites. Just cut & paste this code and place it on a busy part of your site. Remember the more clicks you send us, the higher in the list your site becomes.

simple text links

Step 2: enter your details
your url

your link text

Your URL of the return links back to us

anti spam code

Tips for getting the most traffic
You need to be near the top of the list for huge return traffic. So if you have a small site place your return link to us on every page on your site, if you have an average site then place your return link on your index page and if you have a huge site place your return url on your links page. Below are our size ratings.

<1000 visitors per day=
your a small site
=link back to us on every page
~5000 visitors per day=
your an avergae site
=link back to us on your index page
~20000 visitors per day=
your a huge site
=link back to us on your links page

Think you can cheat? Our feature list includes the following:

IP address tracking to stop multiple hits from the same source
Domain referer tracking to only count real link visits
Black list of spammer IP addresses and IP proxy servers
Burst blocking to shut down counts which exceed our quota per hour
Return link scanning and auto removal if 3 failed attempts recorded
Domain sending traffic has to match return link from us

We hate spammers and scammers, they should be locked up and beaten up! We trust you see we take this link system very seriously. Add good links to us and you will get good traffic back. 10 minutes making a swap here is worth 100 swaps on lesser sites.


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